Bobby Shoebridge
Profile shoebridge
Personal Info
Nickname Principal Shoebridge
Gender Male
Age 50's
Hair Colour      Grey
Family Martin (Son)
Series Appearance
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Bobby Shoebridge is the Principal of Little Bombay High School and gives Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam tasks, when strange things happen during school times.


For a Principal, his authority seems to be more lenient and forgiving, although he has placed trouble makers through physical labor rather than sitting them in detention hall.


Bobby is known to wear 3D glasses for no real apparent reason other than possibly trying to be cool or unique, even during his youth.


Pro bobby

Bobby Shoebridge, Age 12

Bobby attended Little Bombay High school in the late 70's at the age of 12, much the same age as the current cast.

During his time at school, he was heavily in love with the disco culture and music. In 1978, he competed in the Inter-school Disco Dance Competition but lost to Indira Kooptur. He since retired his passion for disco after his loss.

Eventually, Bobby became the school's principle. In 1996, his wife gave birth to his son, Martin

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