Birthday Surprise
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-49
Clients Sally & Doowee
Suspects Burglars
Episode Guide
Previous Asphalt Jungle
Next Champion
Mrs. Apu is setting something, but saw something that was shocking!

Sally and Doowee are walking to Sally's house, but then saw the note saying about Mrs. Apu going to the store. this was suspicious because Mrs. Apu would never leave the door open.

When they went in, they saw the mess in the kitchen. It was awful! They were investigating that it might be a criminal inside the house. Doowee spotted something missing at the table and found prints so they decided to follow it. However, when they left Harry came out of nowhere and put the teapot back on the table. Harry got a call from Mrs. Apu and she told him that she got the things for something special their making and claimed that she should have bake the cake instead.

Doowee suspiciously got a call from someone. Sally thought it was his mom, but literally it was her dad. Harry wanted Doowee to keep Sally out of the house so that something planned out is not ruined. Sally was getting suspicious right now and then Doowee "spotted" those footprints and follow the trail.

Sally was them thinking about all those clues they were leading to and said according to her that its all plan for a surprise party, but Sally said that it was silly and Sally was okay with it, but she still secretly knows or thinks it is about her birthday.

Mrs. Apu was about to go home to set up something special, but then realized that the museum door was left open she went to check out if Mr. Gupta was in there, but then saw there were burglars who are trying to get the thing that covers the mummy inside. Mrs. Apu was trying to call Harry, but he didn't answer and she was about to get spotted.

Sally and Doowee were still investigated and then Sally saw the door open and found Mrs. Apu's bag with goodies and think it will be a clue, so they went to check it out. All of a sudden they saw the burglars in there and saw the dress that looks like Mrs. Apu. So she called her dad and thankfully he answered. In the meantime, Doowee wanted to show those guys on what is it with thiefs and then Mrs. Apu came out as a mummy and they were scared and running, but Sally got them out and they were arrested thanks to her dad calling the police. Doowee was glad about all this, but unfortunately for him, he realized it was all real and fainted.

They came home after dealing with burglars and celebrating Sally's birthday. Happy Birthday Sally!!!


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