Personal Info
Nationality Scottish
Gender Female
Age 12
Family George (older brother)
Friends Erna
Series Appearance
Debut George’s Forced Labour
Last Appearance Pyjama Party
Voice Actors

"I only want George to do well so he could stay home and take care of me."
Betty to Sally

Betty is George's little sister and Sally and Doowee's classmate. She befriended a girl named Erna.


Betty is a shy girl known for hardly being recognized by others. For the longest time her brother had been her only friend and she adores him above all else. But due to this she tried to force him to study by using blackmail so that she wouldn't lose him due to his poor grades.

She hates to be alone and does try to search for friends, but she often becomes inspired by the adults to try things instead, like becoming a stunt performer, or a detective.


Betty is a pale skinned girl with bright brown eyes and long gray colored hair. She is depicted in a yellow pullover with brown accenting, a green skirt with yellow strips of material, a brown bracelet, white stockings with brown and green accents, and brown shoes. 

In official art she was shown wearing a blue set of pajamas with star print and light-colored slippers. 

International Voice Actors

Polish - Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Season 1) Beata Wyrąbkiewicz (Season 2)




22042014 2 george betty stamp by ec 707-d7fhfcx

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