Pro andy
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair      Brown
Eyes      Teal
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors

"And my hamster?"

Andy is Sally and Doowee's classmate, his parents own a cup shop. He has a pet hamster Edgar.

He lost his pet hamster and asked Doowee and Sally to find him in "Talent Will Out". They eventually find him and returned him to Andy.

In "Two Heads Are Better Than One", he is the criminal and he was typing up Stephanie's speeches for her to present since he is a thinker.

In "Everyone's Private Eye", he was trying to be a detective as well as everyone else and he was found to have the trophy during Albert's dad's presentation in the classroom.


He has brown hair and teal eyes and wears a blue shirt.


He is a nice boy and probably a good actor since he was probably one of the mimes that Doowee McAdam was trying to talk to in mime language.


  • He loves trophies since his parents are experts and know a lot about trophies.

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