A Bird in The Hand
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Season Season 2
Episode # 2-28
Clients Principal Shoebridge
Suspects Bob
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Previous Camp of Doom
Next Detention
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Someone has come to get Paco which is Principal Shoebridge's parrot last night.


Principal Shoebridge ask Sally and Doowee to investigate his lost parrot. They look for clues in order to find Paco by using Doowee's gadgets to shoot the microphone and met Bridget, Christina and Edna which Sally and Doowee thought it was them who stole the parrot. However, they figure out that they're just trying to help hamsters and other pets. They met the guy who runs the pet store and asked him about having Paco, but he dosen't have it. So Sally and Doowee went to Principal Shoebridge's office to find out any messinging in his email about the theft, until Sally found out how someone was using Shoebridge's voice and to who is always meeting him for his grades. Sally and Dowee now figures out that it's a student like Bob that has the parrot. They chased after him until Doowee uses his gadget to break the bird seed bag. Till then, they're at the basement where Bob has Paco and asked him to say the password in order to change his grade. Sally and Doowee caught Bob and Sally chased him while Doowee catches the parrot. In the end, Paco is returned to Principal Shoebridge and Bob receives a punishment that is to do cagecleaning till the end of the year. Also, Paco told Doowee that he's his friend and then bites his finger.


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